Государственное автономное образовательное учреждение
среднего профессионального образования Республики Крым
«Крымский медицинский колледж»

Historical background of the Crimean Medical College


The story begins with the college in 1917, when doctors in Simferopol on their funds organized midwifery school, guided by the "project of a surgeon's assistant and assistant." School headed by Dr. Malin.

The title of doctor and nurse could be assigned only after a full course of five years. The first course was a general education, four - special.

In the early days of the Soviet school was nationalized. Training was conducted on the program drawn up by the Red Cross Society in 1918.

In 1923 the school was reorganized into the nursing-midwifery college with a 2.5 year term training. In the early 30's institution was returned to its former name - Obstetric school.

In 1959 the school received the status of Simferopol basic medical college in 1999 - the status of the Crimean Medical College. Throughout its history, life was a reflection of the needs of institutions of the state in the training of qualified medical personnel, which is closely connected with the history of the country.

The College trains specialists in the field: "Nursing", "Medicine" and "midwifery." The institution is a training center for medical colleges of the Crimea, has a modern pedagogical, educational, methodological and logistical capabilities. The teaching process is carried out in close liaison with medical institutions in Simferopol. Over 90 years of existence has trained over 50 thousand professionals.

Among the graduates of the institution - the rector of the Crimean State Medical University professor Babanin AA, Head. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Professor A. Rybalko and others

At the present time the company has 130 employees, including 63 full-time teacher. The college's teachers have an academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences, honorary title "Honored Doctor of Ukraine", "Excellence in Education in Ukraine", "Honorary Doctor ARC", "Distinguished Teacher of the ARC." Teachers College, published seven books and teaching aids recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for use in teaching medical school I-III level accreditation. In 2012, the institution celebrated its 95th anniversary.


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